The Vendstar-e is Genfare’s latest alternative to the popular Vendstar 4. While both of these offboard fareboxes offer similar functionalities, the Vendstar-e differs in one important way—it eliminates the use of cash payments.

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The Genfare Vendstar-e
The Genfare Vendstar-e eliminates the cost of collecting and managing cash

Electronic Payment Methods

By accepting only credit and debit cards, the Vendstar-e cuts down maintenance time and costs. Employees no longer need to make frequent trips to collect cash, which not only costs in labor but in security risk.

Compact Footprint

The Vendstar-e is smaller than our Vendstar 4, allowing agencies to utilize more machines or simply plan their floor space more appropriately.

Easy Maintenance

Eliminating the need to maintain cash boxes is a big benefit to the Vendstar-e’s maintenance. It is otherwise similar to the Vendstar 4, with its stainless steel construction and simple interior organization. The Vendstar-e requires fewer on-site visits than other offboard fareboxes.

Simple 3 Step Transactions

Like the Vendstar 4, the Vendstar-e cues its 3-step process with clear visual designations. Step one allows riders to select a fare type, whether single or pass. Step two allows credit or debit card payment. Step three dispenses the fare media and receipt. The vending machine also provides a validator and a smart card tapping area to check balances and reload fares.

In addition to the visual reminders, the Vendstar-e can also use English or Spanish audio cues with additional language options available.

Durable in Any Weather

The Vendstar-e is designed to be used indoors or outdoors. The forced air heating and cooling keep the Venstar-e fully functional in any climate conditions, though Genfare recommends using a canopy if the machine is intended to be outdoors in order to provide additional protection from snow and rain.

Optional High Capacity Cassettes

High traffic areas can choose to upgrade to a high capacity cassette that allows more tickets to be dispensed per roll, again helping to reduce maintenance visits.

The Genfare Vendstar-e

Seamless Integration

Many agencies use the Vendstar-4 before or in addition to the non-cash Vendstar-e. This provides options for riders who insist on using cash, while also slowly orienting other riders who are open to other payment methods. To this end, the Vendstar-e is fully compatible with the Vendstar 4 and other Genfare products.

Advanced Security

Like the Vendstar 4, the Vendstar-e uses a multipoint locking system on the front door as well as a high decibel audible alarm that triggers the central office notification system in the event of tampering. Ticket packs are tracked with electronic ID.

Data Collection

Reporting from the Vendstar-e is the same as its predecessor. Data on transaction times, media types, and daily totals can be downloaded via ethernet or USB port. This powerful information allows transit agencies to identify potential problems and make smarter decisions on future changes.

The Genfare Vendstar-e makes data collection easy