The Genfare Vendstar 4 is a vending machine system that gives riders a simple transaction experience while alleviating the lines at retail or administrative POS systems manned by an agency clerk. The Vendstar 4 also allows riders to purchase tickets outside of normal retail hours. Some agencies even find the Vendstar 4 is able to completely replace retail POS at some or all stations, which helps reduce labor costs.

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Genfare Vendstar 4 Offboard Farebox
Genfare Vendstar 4 Offboard Farebox

Easy Maintenance

Genfare engineers its fareboxes to be easy to maintain after a short maintenance training session. The Vendstar 4 is no different, with low maintenance needs in general as well as an illuminated back panel and organized interior for quick fixes.

Robust Design for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Whether you plan to keep your Vendstar in a station building or under a canopied area outside, the Vendstar 4 can stand up to the toughest conditions. Built-in cooling and optional heater for cold climates keep the machine well within operating temperatures.

Wide Variety of Fare Media

Smartcards and magnetics can be dispensed from the Vendstar 4, including the patented technologies DESfire EV1, MIFARE Classic, thin Ultralight, and Ultralight C. Each media type has specific advantages and can work with a variety of Genfare’s onboard fareboxes.

The Vendstar 4 can also verify and recharge fare media using its tap-and-go technology, barcode scanner, or validator slot.

3-Step Process

The Vendstar 4 makes ticket purchasing easy from the first time riders encounter it. The face of the machine is clearly marked with numerical indicators of steps one, two and three.

First, riders select their desired type of ticket or pass using a simple side-button interface. Step two prompts the rider to insert money. The Vendstar 4 accepts cash in the form of bills or coins as well as credit and debit cards. Step three dispenses the fare media, receipt, and change in one simple slot.

Genfare Vendstar 4 Offboard Farebox

Valuable Data Insights

The Vendstar 4 collects data on transaction times, values, media types, and other important events. This information is transmitted wirelessly for up-to-date analysis. Many agencies find, for instance, that few customers are using cash payments, which can enable them to opt for the Vendstar-e and avoid the hassle of cash collection and accounting.

Genfare Vendstar 4 Offboard Farebox

Emphasis on Security

Any time cash or fares are left unattended, security becomes a top priority. Our Vendstar 4 uses multiple strategies to keep valuables (both tickets and cash) secure, including a multipoint locking system and stainless steel construction. The high decibel alarm sounds whenever a shock or vibration, such as those caused by impact or by tools, is detected. A real-time alarm is sent to designated personnel whenever tampering is suspected.

Agency employees can still easily access software controls with a simple smartcard. We also employ advanced technology for ticket and cashbox transfers using electronic ID tracking.