At Genfare, we understand all transit agencies have unique goals and needs. While we pride ourselves on offering the latest fare technology, we also recognize that some agencies are best-served by quality, lower-tech fareboxes available at a more affordable price point.

Our Transview onboard farebox offers reliable cash fare service with ease-of-use perks and the important potential for future upgrades.

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Genfare Transview Onboard Farebox

Secure Cashbox

The Transview employs a strong, high security magnetic cashbox lock to ensure all fares are kept safe while in transit to accounting. The lower stainless steel pedestal provides strong, durable security while fares are still onboard.

Genfare’s advanced DUALPORT vault system is the same for all cash fareboxes, including the non-registering Transview. Our vault system includes both stationary and mobile units featuring complex unlocking procedures known only to accounting personnel. Optional electronic monitoring, security alarms, and cash and bin ID systems can ensure cashboxes are extra secure when transported.

Ease of Upgrade

The Transview is a non-registering farebox, meaning it neither automatically validates payments nor tracks totals and amounts of transactions. This simplified technology allows transit agencies to deploy a low-cost farebox. More importantly, the Transview can be easily upgraded to a registering farebox at a later date.

Specifically, the Transview is compatible with CENTSaBILL, an electronic registering add-on that can process cash fares in as little as two seconds. CENTSaBILL can also track fares and provide data for further analysis. This makes the Transview a worthwhile investment with low start-up costs and potential for more functionality in the future.

Genfare Transview Onboard Farebox
Genfare Transview Onboard Farebox

Driver Verification

The Transview gets its name from its viewable collection plate. Once riders insert bills and coins, the cash is displayed in an escrow window for driver validation. With the push of a button, the driver can accept the fare, after which the cash is deposited in a safe, secure cashbox, or return the fare. Genfare’s escrow window displays the full, unfolded bill or up to 20 coins with carefully placed illumination for full visibility any time of day or night.

Multiple Sizes

With tall and short unit options, the Transview can be used in nearly any transit application. The short 36” box and 40.5” tall box take up the same, small footprint while providing an option for various ease of access concerns. The size also affects the amount of money the cashbox can contain, with the tall unit holding up to $600 in coins and $700 in bills, while the short unit holds up to $400 in coins and $500 in bills.