Sometimes getting the most out of technology requires a human touch. That’s why Genfare offers several ways to get real live support when you need it most. Whether it’s a simple tech question or the need for on-site employee training or expert consultation, we have your back.


Genfare has been in the business of fare collection for over 40 years. We provide more than 50,000 Genfare fareboxes across 400 agencies—more than all other vendors combined. Our experience shows the ever-evolving needs of the transit fare software and hardware.


Implementing a transit project requires two important focuses: a quality system-product and a timely execution. A city’s key concerns with a complex project is staying on time, staying on budget, and giving its citizens a smooth and satisfactory experience from the very beginning.


Our product is not simply an off-the-shelf purchase that is installed by the client. We guide every vital decision and design, install, and test every aspect of your new system. Our customer relationship continues throughout the years to provide every tool you need to be successful.


You will receive unlimited support during your warranty period, which is effective for one year after purchase or installation. This warranty covers repair and replacement of hardware as needed, as well as customer support for software and other technical issues and questions.

Once you have contacted your customer care coordinator, a ticket will be opened and assigned to a tech expert based on the severity of the issue. This ensures our most pressing cases do not spend time playing the waiting game while money is at stake.

Service Contract vs Project Based Support

Once your warranty expires, you have two options to continue receiving in-depth support.

* Our service contract is an annual software support contract that provides unlimited calls 24/7/365 for a flat fee. You’ll also receive discounts on technical services, training packages, parts, and repairs.

* If you forego this annual option and eventually find you need support, you can contact Genfare for a quote per project.

On-Site Maintenance

One-time or ongoing maintenance can also be provided with the use of an annual service contract or project based support. This includes Genfare’s trained technicians maintaining and supporting your hardware, such as fareboxes, self-service ticket vending machines, revenue vaults, and POS systems.


The best way to maximize efficiency with any technology is to understand what the technology is capable of doing and how to accomplish each task.

Our Genfare training can be provided on-site, through webinars, or at a Genfare location. Here, you will learn everything from general overviews of Genfare Link and Mobile Link to more in-depth training on data systems, advanced reporting, revenue security, POS configurations, and more.

We also provide training to learn how to maintain our hardware like fareboxes, vending machines, and vaults.

Consulting Services

If you’re not sure what you need to best serve your public transit system, the advice of an expert may be prudent. Our consulting services include visits to your location to evaluate your current systems and make recommendations that move you closer toward your management goals. From fare collection and IT security to maximize efficiency, our consulting experts can help you make smarter decisions that improve your service and your bottom line.