Genfare’s Project Risk Avoidance

One of the most common questions our prospective clients have is “What risks are there in implementing this new transit project, and how does Genfare mitigate them?” We know cities are responsible not just to their coffers and internal processes but to their citizens, and a “boondoggle” affecting transit can mean utter disaster in more ways than one. That’s why Genfare has many overlapping methods of transit project risk avoidance.

Multi-Phase Rollout

Our unique system of checks and balances ensures issues are caught and addressed well before launch. With our multi-phase rollout, simpler upgrades are deployed before more complex functions. Each phase is quality tested throughout development and user tested after launch.

Our focused testing and design reviews are a key part of our schedule management. Thus, each phase is assured to be fully functional and “bug-free” before moving onto the next phase of implementation. This prevents problems from an earlier phase compounding and becoming more difficult to diagnose and fix. Our multi-phase solutions also allow our development team to devote attention to one priority at a time for a more organized and lower-risk work environment.

Professional Risk Avoidance Experience

Our Genfare team includes members with specific backgrounds in risk management from both IT and project management perspectives. With each transit project proposal, Genfare includes the resumes of the assigned personnel to demonstrate their education and professional experience in risk management across the technology and business industries.

Staying on Schedule

One of the main focuses of any transit project risk avoidance strategy is the cost associated with projects falling behind schedule. Genfare employs long-term planning strategies with regular check-ins to update the timeline and avoid “schedule slippage.” Our experienced Project Managers are tasked with overseeing all aspects of development as well anticipating and resolving delays to keep the project on track. Our city clients are kept up-to-date with regular progress reports that indicate where delays may be expected as well as Genfare’s proposed solutions to get back on schedule.

Streamlined Communication

One of the most costly yet avoidable risks in business is miscommunication. Missing or misunderstood information can wreak havoc on any project, let alone something as large scale as transit systems. That’s why Genfare designed a streamlined system for internal and external communications, with teleconferences as well as in-person meetings for in-depth discussions, that ensure no detail is overlooked.

Additionally, each development team is trained to work within a framework of rigorous documentation. With written expectations, goals, and planning, everyone on the team as well as the Project Manager stays on the same page.

IT Risk Management

In today’s high-risk tech environment, keeping data secure is another key aspect of Genfare’s transit project risk avoidance. Our periodic global security checks ensure each transit system solution is compliant with the highest levels of security standards. For instance, our mobile ticketing app solutions do not store customer credit card information, instead relying on “tokenization” of data securely stored by the payment processor for full PCI compliance. Genfare is also ISO 27001-certified by the International Organization for Standardization for maintaining our global security standards with periodic risk assessments.