Our fare revenue collection equipment provides the security and durability of high-grade steel with multiple layers of anti-theft technology. Both the cashbox and the vault are engineered to be fully mechanical, allowing secure transfer of funds in any circumstance, even during power outages.

Our Genfare vaults offer two main forms of revenue pick-up depending on each transit agency’s needs.

Mobile vs Stationary

Genfare’s revenue collection systems are available in both mobile and stationary options. The mobile cash receiver option allows the reception of the cash box on-site, wherever the onboard or offboard farebox is located. The stationary cash receiver requires the cashbox to be removed from the farebox and brought to the vault’s location. Both forms of revenue collection keep the bills and coins secure in the cashbox until the vault undergoes a specified sequence of events known only to certain staff members.

Dual Port Vaults

The Dual Port Vault is a revenue collection system that keeps money secure from the time of passenger deposit to the time when accounting personnel collect and count the funds. With both mobile and stationary vault unit options, the locked cashbox is placed into the receiver, which, pending the correct security protocols, mechanically opens the cashbox, empties the contents, and then re-locks and releases the cashbox. This task can be performed by non-accounting personnel since the process takes place entirely inside the vault and never exposes the cash to the depositor.

The Dual Port Vault is constructed with secure, heavy-duty steel designed for maximum durability and minimum maintenance. The modular design allows for easy repairs and upgrades and is compatible with all generations of Genfare fareboxes.Optional security measures include ID system, electronic monitoring, and alarm connection. These are especially useful for stationary vaults where cash boxes must be transported from the fareboxes to the vault’s locations.

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Genfare Dual Port Vault
Genfare Pacemaker Farebox

Pacemaker Farebox

The Pacemaker is an onboard farebox designed to accept coins, bills, and tickets with emphasis on security. The Pacemaker serves as both a fare collector and a secure cashbox. The fare acceptance slot has anti-pilfering technology with a 180-degree inspection window and tip plate mechanism. The cashbox is stored behind a reinforced door protected by a high security lock.With its small footprint, 100-bill maximum, and low cost, the Pacemaker is ideal for small transit operations.

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