The Genfare Retail Point-of-Sale serves as a quick and easy-to-use offboard farebox. By trimming the excess features from the Administrative POS and eliminating the production of magnetic tickets, the Retail POS enables clerks to master the system with little-to-no training. Our software’s emphasis on usability along with the robust Samsung dual-core processor makes transactions faster than ever.

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Genfare Retail Point Of Sale System
The Genfare Retail POS System simplifies the transaction process

Simplified Transaction Process

The Retail POS uses simple prompts and questions to guide clerks through a transaction in very little time. For example, the starting menu asks “What would you like to do?” with large button options for “New fare card” and “Existing fare card.” This prompts the clerk to confirm the purpose of the transaction with the customer.

The POS system then tells the clerk to place a new or existing smart card within the range of the encoder to check existing balances and to allow the addition of fare funds. The potential results of the transaction appear on the screen to allow verbal confirmation with the customer. The clerk then selects the clear options to finalize the transaction, process payment, encode the card, and print the receipt.

Smartcard Media

The Retail POS focuses on producing and reloading smartcard media using near field communications. Riders can validate their fares onboard by simply placing their smartcard near the validator (“tap-and-pay”) instead of having to swipe like a traditional magnetic ticket.

Optional Customer-Facing Display

Clarity speeds up transactions. By adding our optional customer-facing display, the Retail POS allows visual confirmation by both the customer and the clerk.

Genfare Retail POS System
Genfare Retail POS System

Variety of Connectivity Options

The Retail POS can connect via ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, 3G cellular, or 4G/LTE dongle. An optional USB reader and standard SD memory card allow additional ways of transferring information or acquiring software updates. The internal memory can retain up to 7 days worth of transaction data for later transfer and analysis.

Smaller Footprint

Instead of the 17” screen used for the Admin POS, the Retail POS sticks with a more retail friendly Samsung Galaxy Tablet measuring 9.7”. The built-in receipt printer also helps reduce the necessary countertop footprint. Overall, the Retail POS takes up about half the size of the Admin POS. For security purposes, the Retail POS can be locked using a cable and anchor.