Genfare Project Management Solutions

At Genfare, our goal for transit project management is to create an organized environment with clear expectations and streamlined communication. Our strategy ensures everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect and when, with detailed timelines, outlined duties, and defined reporting processes. From our cooperative personnel structure to our proven rollout process, our project management is designed from top to bottom for a successful, seamless launch of even the most complex transit solutions.

Our Project Management Team

The Genfare transit farebox implementation process takes advantage of teamwork involving a variety of proven industry professionals. With every project proposal, our clients receive the resumes of an assigned project management team demonstrating their proven track records with Genfare projects, professional experience, and extensive education.

Project Manager

Each of our clients is appointed a primary Project Manager who works exclusively on your transit farebox implementation from beginning until completion. This main Project Manager is located in our Elk Grove Village, IL corporate headquarters. Your team may also include local on-site Field Project Managers and Engineers, who report directly to the Project Manager. Together, this triad of professionals works to seamlessly implement your transit solution.

At all times, our Project Manager serves as a central contact for any issues and concerns. The Project Manager functions as a liaison and facilitator between the client and the Genfare development team. He or she also oversees all communication to make sure no stone is left unturned and no message overlooked.

The Project Manager is additionally responsible for overseeing budget, design, development, manufacturing, and factory testing. As Project Manager, he or she is also in charge of the project schedule to ensure all aspects of the project are on target and anticipates, communicates, and resolves delays if needed.

On-Site Field Project Manager

The on-site Field Project Manager oversees the day-to-day activities of local Genfare personnel in the client city, which may include field testing, training, installation, startup, and warranty service. The Field Project Manager also monitors operation, key performance indicators (KPIs), and inspections for persistent issues that may require a design review. Finally, the Lead Engineer is responsible for all technical aspects of the implementation, testing, and management of hardware and software.

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Pre-scheduled meetings between Genfare and the city client occur at minimum by the week, month, and quarter, with planned agendas and regular progress reports to keep the project on track with ample time to detect and resolve potential issues.

Our Transit Project Management Process

Aside from our personnel structure, our milestone approach to transit project management has proven itself on our successfully implemented projects. Genfare prides itself on being the leading transit solution to offer truly seamless launches with multi-phase deployment that avoids common pitfalls associated with complex system transitions. By beginning with simple capabilities (like mobile ticket apps) and robust testing and design review phases before moving onto advanced functions (like ticket offices and vending machines), Genfare’s transit system solution can be implemented sooner and with less risk than other systems.

Of course, no project is truly finished until the hand-off is complete. Our project managers assist with comprehensive training programs that help your staff learn how to run, maintain, and even repair the Genfare system. Genfare is always standing by to assist with technical problems, warranty matters, and service expansions, but our number one goal is to ensure each city client feels confident in managing the Genfare system independently.