Genfare has been in the business of fare collection for over 40 years. We provide more than 50,000 Genfare fareboxes across 400 agencies—more than all other vendors combined. Our experience shows the ever-evolving needs of the transit fare software and hardware.

As part of our commitment to providing the best transit fare solutions, we are constantly upgrading and improving our systems with the latest technology. Between our robust analytics, our diverse hardware, and our state-of-the-art software, it’s no wonder Genfare is the number one choice for transit innovations.


Genfare’s transit innovations go above and beyond servicing the end-point customer. We empower our city clients with the data tracking that enables them to make smarter business decisions.

All collected fares are validated electronically with time, date, place, route, and other pertinent information recorded in real-time. This allows cities to detect patterns, like underused and overused routes or unanticipated peak hours. The highly accurate data on ridership and revenue can also be reported publicly as part of accountability or expansion initiatives.

Genfare’s transit fare analytics also provides tracking of fare media like rechargeable cards. From inventory to customer purchase, recharge, and expiration, city’s have end-to-end data to help make usage and revenue sources easier to chart. With this account-based reusable card, riders and employees can also easily track funds and recharges.

In the future, Genfare’s transit innovations are anticipated to include cloud-based databases that can record the time and place of every transit trip. Such vital data can be used to plan expansions, optimize routes, and guide economic development.

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Genfare hardware designed to meet each city's unique needs


Our transit fare solutions include a variety of hardware designed to meet each city’s unique needs.

Our most innovative solutions focus on electronic processing, such as our Fast Fare e-Validator, which can process smart cards, mobile tickets, and other electronic fare media. We also offer our classic Fast Fare Validator which can process cash payments and which can be implemented sooner in your transit solution timeline.

Genfare also offers ticket vending machines for station purchases, with classic cash-accepting machines and Vendstar-e machines, which take electronic payments.

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Genfare’s transit fare software is industry leading. We continue to look toward the future by analyzing the industry’s most pressing needs and developing our patented solutions. In addition, we provide any software updates to you to keep your new system running smoothly for years to come.

Our most popular transit innovations include our Mobile Link mobile ticketing system and our cloud-based central data system, Genfare Link. With our state-of-the-art virtual computing hosted by the always reliable Amazon Web Services, our software systems are proven to achieve 99.99% availability.

With our account-based software approach, riders are able to take care of their own fare purchases and trip planning to alleviate pressure on staff. The system is also easy to update, with simple steps to change fare caps, set peak hour fares, offer discounts (by demographic or by code), and more.

We encourage our city clients to anticipate the need for “Smart City” initiatives with our open architecture software. Our tools allow third party innovators and entrepreneurs to link their own software applications to create services like last-mile bike sharing and comprehensive trip planning.

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