The Printing Encoding Machine is Genfare’s solution for providing multiple fare medias and batch purchases. The PEM is available with both smartcard and magnetic card issuers based on each transit agency’s unique needs. With its robust, updatable software, the PEM is a smart investment in a long-term solution for offboard fareboxes.

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Genfare's PEM (Printer/Encoder Machine) farebox
Genfare's PEM (Printer/Encoder Machine) farebox

Batch Capacity

Unlike our other offboard fareboxes, the PEM is specifically equipped to produce large batches of smartcards or magnetics. This makes it a good choice for transit agencies who work with organizations, corporations, universities, and other large accounts.

Upgradable Software

The Genfare PEM is designed to be future-proof. With regular software updates, the PEM can stay ahead of the technology curve with the ability to incorporate new payment and ticket media.

Versatile Fare Media

The PEM can produce more types of fare media than our retail point-of-sale farebox. With options for both smartcards and magnetics, the PEM covers the need for reloadable options while remaining compatible with most onboard fareboxes.

Genfare’s PEM allows agents to easily create, recharge, and look up account history for smartcards.

An optional cash drawer gives more payment options for riders, while the optional smartcard encoder and dispenser provide a custom solution for every transit situation.

Simple User Interface

With its swiveling color touchscreen and large, easy-to-read buttons, the PEM is simple to use with little to no training.

Advanced Reports

Using either ethernet cable or USB memory stick, the PEM can transfer data to create advanced analyses and reports. The PEM tracks the type of payment as well as card data, check numbers, authorization codes, and more.

Genfare's PEM (Printer/Encoder Machine) farebox