The Genfare line of onboard fareboxes is designed to offer an immediate solution for every transit need. From more traditional cash collectors like the Transview to our most advanced technology in the Odyssey Plus and Fast Fare-e, Genfare allows you to replace or upgrade your onboard fareboxes as part of a customized transit solution.Our onboard fareboxes feature durable stainless steel construction and secure cashbox engineering as well as the industry’s latest advances in fare collection and rider experience.

We know transit systems need the ability to collect, manage, and analyze fare data to help provide a more robust and efficient service. Most of our onboard fareboxes use either wireless or real-time Wi-Fi enabled data collection to make it easier than ever to port information into powerful analytic tools.


The Genfare CardQuest is a simple, compact onboard farebox designed to work with smart cards and magnetics. CardQuest is able to issue physical tickets and receipts with its internal printer.s CardQuest is also one of Genfare’s smallest models with both rear and side-mounting options, making it well suited for any transit, including buses, light rail, and paratransit.

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Genfare CardQuest


Meet the best-stelling onboard farebox in America. The CENTSaBILL combines the ability to take traditional cash and coin payments with the modern ability to collect and analyze fare data. CENTSaBILL can also accept smart cards, printed tickets, magnetic swipe passes, and custom tokens, making it an ideal middle step for most any transit agency.

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Fast Fare

Fast Fare is designed to combine the best of both worlds with traditional and modern fare processing. Fast Fare accepts smart cards in multiple forms (such as tags, key chains, fobs, stickers, watches, and smartphones) as well as transit cards, magnetics, bills, coins, NFC phone apps, and QR codes. The Fast Fare is engineered to be easily upgraded to accommodate future technologies, providing better product longevity.Fast Fare is compatible with Genfare Link, allowing customers to manage their fare accounts from their computer or smartphone device.Fast Fare is also one of Genfare’s onboard fareboxes compatible with various fare programs to enable zone-based, peak, and off-peak fare settings.

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Genfare Fast Fare
Genfare Fast Fare-e

Fast Fare-e

Fast Fare-e works well for riders who are ready to move past bills and coins. The Fast Fare-e accepts everything the Fast Fare does minus physical currencies, including smart cards, mobile payment, barcodes, and magnetics. It also includes a 5.7” full color display as part of a sleek, modern user interface.Fast Fare-e is designed from the ground up to be compatible with Genfare Link, allowing rider control over fare accounts via mobile app. This onboard farebox also accepts electronic fare media from the e-Fare and Vendstar series.The Fast Fare-e is our most compact model, measuring under 12” high and just over 6” wide, with the ability to mount on a pole or a wall for maximum space saving.

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The ever-popular Odyssey model can take smart cards, magnetics, and cash, with a cash-to-credit change function that dispenses change on an Ultra Light smart card. To make data analysis easier than ever, this onboard farebox uses Windows-based open database connectivity that is compatible with Sybase, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle.The Odyssey also meets ADA requirements for accessibility, a key feature necessary for paratransit services.

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Genfare Odyssey
Genfare Odyssey Plus

Odyssey Plus

The Genfare Odyssey Plus builds on the marked success of our Odyssey onboard fareboxes with the addition of more fare media compatibility and other industry-leading enhancements.The Odyssey Plus comes with a faster card reader to improve onboarding times as well as a larger, crisper display for clearer transactions. Like the Odyssey, the Odyssey Plus is ADA compliant.The Odyssey Plus is upgraded to work with the eFare software, a web-based system that allows riders to manage their fare media using a computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

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Our Transview system offers an easy, low-cost solution that can later be upgraded to the CentsaBill for greater capability.The Transview is a non-registering onboard farebox, meaning it does not collect fare data for analysis. The Transview is designed to accept coins and bills with a viewing area for driver verification. Though the Transview system relies on traditional forms of payment, it still features much-needed modern upgrades, including automatic coin dump, complete bill display, and illuminated inspection viewing.

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Genfare Transview