Genfare’s offboard fareboxes are designed to accept payment and issue fare media at stations, terminals, and other locations prior to boarding. Offboard fareboxes come in POS formats, both for internal administrative and external clerk use, as well as self-service vending machines.

Each of our offboard fareboxes is designed with ease-of-use, upgradability, and versatility in mind. Our modular designs allow transit agencies to customize with add-ons, including cash drawer, smart card encoder, dispenser, customer-facing screens, and more.


The Administrative POS system is specially engineered for agencies to not only sell fare media but to run reports, print receipts, and complete other administrative functions. The easy-to-read touchscreen allows for the addition of value or products to fare media as well as refunds and credits.The APOS is modular, allowing the addition of as-needed components, like a cash drawer, smart code encoder, customer-facing display, and separate mouse and keyboard. With options for portability and wired, uninterruptible power the APOS can serve customers anywhere at any time.

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Genfare Admin-POS
Genfare Retail-POS


The Genfare Retail-POS, or RPOS, offers most of the functions of the Administrative POS system with even more emphasis on usability. The user-friendly interface with simple option selections and clear instructions allows retail clerks to learn the system with little to no training. Like the APOS, the RPOS allows the option for a customer-facing display in order to sell and reload smart card fares.

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The e-Fare web-based fare system is an example of Genfare’s revolutionary transit fare technology. This unique form of offboard farebox allows riders to purchase their tickets from their own devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. The addition of aan auto-replenish feature withdraws funds on a monthly basis encouraging rider loyalty. With e-Fare, riders enjoy the freedom, convenience, and independence of managing their own accounts while demands on agency staff are relieved.

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Genfare e-Fare
Genfare PEM


The Printing Encoding Machine, or PEM, is a point-of-sale system able to print both individual and large batches of smart cards and magnetic fares. PEM is highly customizable, allowing agencies to meet the unique needs for fare structure and issuance. The PEM also offers superior software adaptability for new and future products.

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Vendstar 4

The Vendstar 4, as its name implies, is a vending machine designed for riders to purchase their own tickets, either one-time or in the form of passes. In a simple 3-step process, riders can use cash, coin, credit, or debit cards to complete a new purchase or to recharge smart cards or other ticket media as needed.The Vendstar 4 can display visual and audio cues in English and Spanish with an option for additional languages. With weather durability in mind, the Vendstar 4 can be used indoors or out with ventilation and heating available for extreme climates.

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Genfare Vendstar 4
Genfare Vendstar-e


The Vendstar-e offers the same features as the Vendstar 4 but eliminates the bill and coin payment method. This both modernizes the ticketing process, allows a smaller machine footprint, and provides improved security by eliminating unattended cash collection. Electronic payment collection also requires less employee time in cash pick-ups and maintenance.

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