The Odyssey Plus is our latest generation of “smart” farebox systems. We’ve taken everything riders and transit agencies love about our Odyssey model and made it faster, smarter, and more versatile.With the ability to convert the Odyssey into an Odyssey Plus with a cost-effective upgrade kit, transit authorities can easily and affordably provide all of the latest technology and its accompanying benefits for drivers, riders, and management alike.

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Genfare Odyssey Plus Onboard Farebox

Even More Fare Options

Like its popular predecessor, the Odyssey, this advanced farebox can take both traditional cash fares and modern smart cards and magnetics. With the Odyssey Plus, you open up your fare possibilities even more.New on the Odyssey Plus is the e-Fare web-based fare system, which allows the onboard farebox to integrate with our Genfare Mobile software. This groundbreaking software allows riders to purchase their own tickets through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Odyssey Plus can also validate these tickets by scanning directly from a mobile device.

Genfare Odyssey Plus Onboard Farebox

Easy Upgrading

Already using the Odyssey farebox? Your transit system can deploy a simple upgrade kit to get all the new functions of the Odyssey Plus. This kit upgrades the internal software and hardware components as well as the top lid and display. Agencies appreciate the ease of installation and minimal downtime provided by this upgrade kit.We have also designed our Odyssey Plus to work seamlessly with other Genfare fareboxes. This allows transit authorities to roll out this upgrade gradually alongside pre-existing Odyssey, Fastfare, and other fareboxes.

Easier Maintenance & Unmatched Security

The physical structure of the Odyssey Plus is just as impressive as its software capabilities. Our stainless steel structure is strong and durable. For additional security, we designed infrared probing that ensures the cash door cannot be opened unless the area is under surveillance.Maintenance is another area that is key to the overall performance of the Genfare Odyssey Plus. Units which take too long or are too difficult to repair can leave a farebox out of commission for an unacceptable amount of time. That’s why the Odyssey Plus is engineered to have modular components.

Genfare Odyssey Plus Onboard Farebox

Faster On-Boarding Times

The Odyssey Plus includes a faster smart card reader that processes payments in a fraction of the usual time. Additionally, riders validating mobile tickets can help speed up the line by avoiding timely cash fares or fumbling for cards.We also upgraded the digital screen to show larger, crisper, and brighter text, making it easier for riders to quickly comply with instructions and know when their payments or tickets have been validated. Agencies can also set up pre-recorded audio cues to assist riders in completing the transaction in minimal time.

More Internal Memory

As part of the Odyssey Plus’s hardware upgrades, we included more internal memory. This allows the farebox to record a larger number of transactions with potential to include more types of information to make back-end analysis more powerful than ever before.The increased amount of data collected is easily transferred using wireless data download or WiFi. From there, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, or Oracle can all be used to integrate the data into customized reporting. Advanced reporting is one of the most effective ways to make smarter, cost-saving decisions on future transit planning.