All-In-One Solution For Any Transit System

Our best-selling Odyssey is one of the industry’s leading onboard fareboxes. With the ability to take a wide variety of fare media within a small, ADA-accessible design, the Odyssey is an all-in-one solution for any transit system. The Odyssey is also easily upgraded to adapt to emerging technologies, making it a smart long-term investment.

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The Odyssey farebox is an all-in-one solution for any transit system

Fare Media

The Odyssey is engineered to accept smart cards, magnetics, and cash. Compatible smart cards include tags, key chains, fobs, stickers, watches, and other smart devices. This Odyssey is one of our Genfare onboard fareboxes that can be specially programmed to take international coins and customized tokens and bills. The magnetics system is ideal for university transit systems and period passes.

To make transactions faster and easier for customers, riders can view their remaining card balance on a clear, back-lit display after each fare swipe. Optional pre-recorded messages can audibly prompt and confirm transactions as well. The driver can also view the transaction status through a menu-driven, push button panel. Because the Odyssey can validate coins, tickets, and bills, this is one less step for the driver.

The Odyssey is unique in its ability to dispense temporary smart cards as change for cash payments. This “cash-to-card conversion” technology helps keep more funds within the transit system and ensures a quicker, easier onboarding process.

Smart Technology

The Odyssey’s internal software collects data that is easily exported for in-depth analysis. Wireless download of data can be performed with any Windows-based device, while customized queries and reports can be made using Sybase, Microsoft SQL, or Oracle software. These reports help transit agencies make smarter decisions on routes and schedules for maximum efficiency and cost-savings.

One decision agencies can make based on these reports is the creation of a hierarchy of fare prices. The Odyssey’s customized fare tables allow transit agencies to set multiple levels of fare prices depending on various conditions.

The upgraded farebox, the Odyssey Plus, works with Genfare’s eFare software to allow riders to manage their ticketing through a web-based software accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Durable & Secure

The Odyssey onboard farebox is constructed of strong stainless steel with emphasis on quick interior access for ease of maintenance. The modular design allows for plug-in subassemblies for smoother operation with minimal down time.

The Odyssey Farebox is durable and secure

The physical security of cash funds is key for any onboard farebox. The Odyssey employs several overlapping techniques to ensure cash is securely transported to the right personnel. Electronic locks and keys keep the cashbox securely inside the Odyssey farebox. Once removed, the secure dual port cashbox keeps bills and coins safely locked behind maximum security protocols until appropriate personnel release the cash directly into a mobile or stationary vault. Infrared probing provides additional security by requiring surveillance for door opening and cash box removal. Automated ID or electronic tracking of each cashbox can offer improved security tracking.