Mobile Link – Mobile Ticketing Solution

Is your public transit system ready to join the 21st century? Mobile ticketing is the answer to the demands of today’s tech-savvy riders. Mobile Link is Genfare’s customer-facing platform that enables riders to Plan, Pay, and Board with the ease and convenience of their smart devices. By lifting the burden on staff and giving the freedom of access directly to the customer, mobile ticketing improves operational efficiency while reducing expenses and increasing customer satisfaction. The transit revolution is here—Genfare Mobile Link is Transforming Transit for Tomorrow.

Benefits of Genfare Mobile Link

Robust reporting produces valuable real-time data

Collecting and analyzing mobile ticketing app data is a key way to understand rider behavior. Mobile Link’s reporting includes real-time information that allows adaptation on the fly as well as long-term trend analysis necessary for future planning.

Improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue

Making public transit easier to use via mobile app improves rider loyalty and encourages new riders to take the plunge for the first time. When public transit is not seen as a “last resort” but instead as an easy, convenient, and accessible form of transportation, riders are less likely to seek alternatives.

Up-to-the-minute route planning

With real-time information coming in, routes can be immediately planned around emergency maintenance and other issues with alerts pushed to riders about schedule changes. This means riders can be assured they are viewing the latest schedules through their Mobile Link app and spend less time waiting around on late buses and trains.

Want to make the most of Mobile Link’s mobile ticketing system?

Connect our mobile ticketing system with Genfare Link, our comprehensive software and hardware solution for the modern transit system. Genfare Link uses in-depth reporting and real-time data for smarter, faster decisions and lower overall costs. Our seamless integration of platforms assists management, administration, IT, maintenance, customer service, and other positions to optimize their efficiency and reduce overhead costs with a one-source solution for modern transit.

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