Transit agencies are facing more competition than ever before. Riders have many choices when it comes to transportation, including rideshare programs, ride-hailing apps, short term car and bike rentals, and other innovative services. What’s worse, transit agencies are notoriously underfunded and must make the most of every penny they spend. Like any service, whether public or private, transit agencies feel pressure to provide the best possible customer experience in order to attract new riders, retain ongoing riders, and increase overall revenue.

Genfare’s Mobile Link is the answer to these issues facing modern transit. With Mobile Link, the transit experience is reinvented in a way that appeals to the needs and expectations of today’s riders.

Mobile Link is a comprehensive ticketing solution that allows riders maximum independence with modern payment and validation options. The goal of Mobile Link is to make it easier for riders to use transit systems by incorporating the very devices they use every day as well as intuitive onboard fareboxes for rapid mobile ticket validation.

Account-Based Mobile App

Mobile Link uses an account-based system that allows riders to register with a username and password. From here, their personalized dashboard enables them to look at schedules, purchase tickets, set up alerts, and more. Riders can even set up auto-replenishment to keep their passes loaded.

This account can also be accessed from non-mobile devices. Riders can use their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to manage their tickets from anywhere in the world.

In the interest of one-off users, tourists, or first-timers who may want to try the technology with minimal effort, Genfare Mobile Link also allows users to complete transactions with a guest checkout—no account required.

Trip Planning

Mobile Link integrates with Google Trip Planner to provide point-to-point navigation. Riders can easily plan their entire itinerary for multi-modal trips with accurate geo-location. Even the most inexperienced riders can be walked through their trip step by step, actively demonstrating to new customers just how easy the transit system really is.

Real Time Information

Riders can use the app to check the latest schedules as well as receive traffic alerts to help plan their wait time more efficiently. Customers appreciate the ability to adapt to delays without impatiently waiting around—instead they can reorganize their own schedule or finish an extra errand.

Simple Payment

After selecting a route, riders can pay using a credit card, debit card, transit benefits, or PayPal. These modern forms of payment simply aren’t available on old-school fareboxes, which traditionally rely on physical media. Once the public knows they can use these convenient payments, new riders are more willing to take the plunge and current riders have little reason to look elsewhere for transportation services.

Faster, Easier Boarding

By eliminating the hassle of inserting and collecting change in the form of bills and coins, the onboarding process with Genfare Mobile Link becomes much faster. A simple scan of the smart device validates the QR code within seconds. This also opens up the possibility of unmanned fareboxes on secondary entrances, such as those on double-doored buses, since the driver does not need to monitor every transaction.