Transit agencies are facing more competition than ever before. Riders have many choices when it comes to transportation, including rideshare programs, ride-hailing apps, short term car and bike rentals, and other innovative services. What’s worse, transit agencies are notoriously underfunded and must make the most of every penny they spend. Like any service, whether public or private, transit agencies feel pressure to provide the best possible customer experience in order to attract new riders, retain ongoing riders, and increase overall revenue.

Genfare’s Mobile Link is the answer to these issues facing modern transit. With Mobile Link, the transit experience is reinvented in a way that appeals to the needs and expectations of today’s riders.

Mobile Link is a comprehensive ticketing solution that allows riders maximum independence with modern payment and validation options. The goal of Mobile Link is to make it easier for riders to use transit systems by incorporating the very devices they use every day as well as intuitive onboard fareboxes for rapid mobile ticket validation.