In the wake of major data breaches targeting some of the world’s largest companies, consumers are more aware than ever of the risk of their personal information being compromised. Consumers are demanding companies pay extra attention to security whenever they require personal or payment information. Genfare takes these concerns seriously and employs the latest security technology across all of our platforms, including our customer-facing Mobile Link app.

Safe & Secure

Genfare’s Mobile Link includes a safe and secure way to process electronic fares directly from the rider’s mobile device. No credit card, debit card, or bank account information is ever stored within the app. Instead, Genfare uses tokenization to validate payments with off-site processing through proven vendors for full PCI DSS compliance. This is the same security process used in online banking, medical record keeping, stock trading, voter registrations, and other sensitive industries. By storing as little information as possible, users are exposed to the least risk necessary to complete transactions and perform account maintenance.

ISO Certified

To maintain best practices, our expert software engineers use rigorous testing and follow international security protocols to ensure Mobile Link is secure against current and future threats. This process includes continuously monitoring the software for weak points, particularly when updates are released. Our global security checks confirm that each aspect of the Genfare transit solution is meeting the strict security standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In fact, Genfare is IS0 certified, a testament to our adherence to standards designed to protect sensitive digital assets such as payment information and financial information, particularly those supplied by third parties such as riders. In order to become certified, Genfare passed an ISO audit, which proved our commitment to excellence in information security management systems. Not only must organizations currently meet the ISO standards, they must also demonstrate an actionable plan to stay compliant in the future through internal audits and continuous risk management assessments. The ISO recertifies Genfare regularly to ensure our security continues to stay top notch.

Genfare’s development team goes one step further by employing risk avoidance experts specializing in IT. These members’ sole job is to stay aware of the latest threats and defensive strategies so our city clients and riders can rest assured that their sensitive data is protected.