Transit solution implementation requires an organized, structured approach in order to achieve a successful, on-time launch. Genfare’s implementation process ensures clear communication, minimization of risks, and adherence to a strict schedule to provide a seamless transition toward the transit solutions of the future.

Through 40 years of experience in transit farebox implementation and successful launches across 400 transit agencies, Genfare has developed an ideal multiphase implementation protocol. Our commitment to project management, consistency, risk avoidance, and on-time values allows Genfare to provide a successful launch for even the most complicated projects.

Project Management

Our style of project management employs a designated leader known as the Project Manager. The Project Manager is assigned exclusively to one city client at time, allowing a laser focus on your project’s needs. All communication is directed to and through the Project Manager to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach.

Working in tandem beneath the project manager are the on-site Field Project Manager and the corporate-based Lead Engineer. Together, these three experienced leaders tackle their assigned tasks, with the Project Manager keeping everyone on track with regular progress reports and meetings.

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Once the recipe for success has been discovered, it is imperative that the same formula be followed each time the recipe is made. Consistency is the key to smooth transit software implementation.

Our tried and tested method of multiphase rollout has been documented, refined, and scripted for easy replication. Though each city has its own unique circumstances, the bones of every project’s setup are kept the same rather than building every project from scratch. Thanks to our proven project “architecture,” we are able to easily adapt to different needs without compromising the stable structure of our implementation process.

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Risk Avoidance

By keeping internal consistency and structured management hierarchies, Genfare is able to reduce the risk of costly errors and oversights. We employ risk management professionals whose experience in both business and IT can help detect and anticipate issues before they become problems.

Our multiphase launch allows layers of complexity to be added only once initial phases are proven fully functional. We also streamlined our internal and external communication to make sure notes and questions are never overlooked.

With our robust design review and testing phases, Genfare is able to reduce risk exposure by catching “bugs” early on before they get lost in the web of added complexity.

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Staying on schedule is vital to successful transit software implementation. Cities know that one of the costliest mistakes of any new project or initiative is falling behind the promised timeline. With citizens holding cities accountable and with money lost for every delay, it is crucial that any complex project be implemented within a strict timeline.

Genfare’s implementation process requires frequent meetings and progress reports to help keep the project on track. Every project begins with a clear, graphical timeline that shows the planned path for every phase. If any phase is expected to fall behind, the timeline is updated to reflect the adjusted anticipated deadlines. This way, every team member is on the same page, working aggressively on any issues that may cause delays.

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