Genfare is the nation’s leading provider of fare collection hardware and software. We have designed our line of fareboxes and fare collection products to offer an array of technology options, our hardware and software work best when used in conjunction. Our farebox hardware provides the ability to integrate with the latest advancements in fare collection software, our very own Genfare Mobile Link, as well as our comprehensive fare collection management software, Genfare Link.

We go above and beyond the mere ability to collect fares–cash, coins and all forms of media. Our fareboxes can also collect data that, together with our advanced reporting software, allows transit agencies to improve current services, adapt to changing conditions and trends, and confidently plan for the future. In the era of “Big Data,” this vital information, when combined with the right reporting software, can reinvigorate the modern transit system using the same strategies other industries have deployed to achieved record profits.

Make Better Decisions

Genfare Link provides the software tools needed to make smarter decisions on the back end. Built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with our historically proven hardware solutions, Genfare Link serves as a comprehensive digital fare management system with the following benefits:

  • Revenue tracking with advanced reporting
  • Ridership management
  • Fleet management (for more efficient scheduling and maintenance)
  • State-of-the-art security protocols
  • Asset management (to meet federal regulations and decrease costs)
Genfares hardware and software solutions make it easier to make better decisions
Genfare Mobile Link software is designed as a customer-facing solution for electronic fare media

Mobile Link – Customer Facing Fare Solution

Our Genfare Mobile Link software is designed as a customer-facing solution for mobile payment. Mobile Link gives riders the option to use mobile ticketing, with the ability to purchase tickets right from their mobile phone. This is possible due to proprietary integration with our advanced fareboxes, which can scan QR codes and barcodes. Additionally, Mobile Link allows riders to manage their own accounts, set up auto-pay, view route status updates, and more–all features proven to boost rider satisfaction and even potentially increase ridership numbers while reducing the workload on transit employees.

As with any technology, using the hardware and software together as intended allows for the best results. Whenever hardware is loaded with non-proprietary software, gaps can develop. Some bugs may simply slow the software or cause intermittent outages, but others may be a security risk. These patchwork systems can also be difficult to maintain from an IT perspective. In today’s high-risk cybercrime environment, transit agencies accepting electronic payments must cover their bases by using integrated hardware and software systems.

Put simply, nothing will ever work as quickly and flawlessly as hardware and software which were developed in tandem with one another. Though Genfare’s state-of-the-art hardware and software can be upgraded piecemeal, they will always produce the best results when launched together.