Genfare Link – Digital Fare Management Software

It’s time for fare management to join the twenty-first century. Increasing competition in the marketplace makes it more important than ever for public transit administrators to modernize the rider experience while maximizing efficiency on the management side. A robust fare management program like Genfare Link can increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve rider satisfaction.

With Genfare Link, the most difficult problems associated with transit fare payment systems are eliminated. Unreliable software, outdated hardware, lack of customer control, and inability to anticipate and adapt to incoming problems can bog down your transit system. Our comprehensive, beginning-to-end digital fare management system addresses each of your most pressing concerns with innovative solutions.

Streamline Fare Collection

Efficiency is the key to success. With optimally efficient fare collection, rider satisfaction increases while administration costs decrease. Genfare Link streamlines fare payment in multiple key areas, including payment types, fare cards, fare card dispensers, and mobile ticketing.

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Accept any payment method – Genfare Link gives riders more options: cash, bills, credit cards (magnetic swipe and chip), and smartphone wallets can all be used to purchase tickets from a ticket dispenser or mobile phone app.

Ticket management with mobile ticketing – Riders and staff alike enjoy the ease of mobile ticketing and scanning for a more modern approach to ticket and fare management.

Flexibility in fare pricing – Genfare Link allows you to experiment with discounts and promotional codes to encourage increased ridership.

Analytics With Real-Time Monitoring

The ability to act on data is imperative to staying ahead of the curve. With Genfare Link’s advanced analytic reports, you can anticipate scheduling issues and maintenance. Robust reporting points out key trends and potential problems that can affect management decisions. Our access to real-time monitoring allows you to adapt on the fly.

  • Customize reports on rider activities, trends, system status, route usage, maintenance, and more
  • Analyze trends by date to see how seasons, holidays, and events affect ridership
  • Minimize wait-times by pushing alerts to riders when routes fall behind
  • Reroute vehicles and adjust schedules immediately based on real-time information
  • Monitor incoming “events” with severity alert categories to help plan ahead

Reduced Administration Load

Easing the management load can save time and money where it matters most. By having a more efficient way to manage fare payments, the time burdens ease on IT, accounting, customer service, and other management positions. With Genfare Link, riders are now able to purchase tickets and maintain their accounts on their own, leading to less stress on customer service resources.

Seamless Compatibility – Our hardware and software solutions can be integrated piecemeal into your current system or can serve as a full replacement for your digital fare management system. The full Genfare system is vertically integrated for a seamless transition that covers every need from customer facing platforms and payment processing to administrative reports and reviews.

Training Available – Genfare Link offers topic-specific webinars as well as in-person training at Genfare locations or by appointment on-site. This allows your team, including IT and management, to learn all about Genfare Link’s capabilities so you can take full advantage of its features.

Reduced maintenance effort on part of the Agency IT staff – With exceptionally reliable software and an organized ticketing system, the IT end is easier to manage than ever before. Genfare Link’s customer service team provides access to 24/7 support for software questions and concerns.

Reduced effort on the part of Customer Service – Easy access to securely stored customer and fare card information makes it easy to assist riders with inquiries and problems. Riders can also take care of many issues themselves, such as checking their balances, adding funds, purchasing tickets, starting automatic fare card replenishment, and planning routes.

Reduced fraud with the use of Smart Card Technology – Our secure Smart Card Technology keeps riders’ information safe with reduced risk of costly and troublesome fraud plus added balance protection for riders.

Easy inventory management – Order new fare cards, check each station’s card count and organize secure inventory transfers with our easy-to-use inventory management software.

The Genfare Link Difference

We know each public transit system is unique with its own strengths and weaknesses. Your Genfare Link solution can be customized to suit any management goals. Let us know your concerns and needs so we can better assist your team.

With over 30 years of experience in fare collection, we know mass transit inside and out. We’ve seen it all, and we have developed our cutting edge technology based on ever-changing industry trends. From the days of maintenance- and operations-based business practices to the growing need for user-friendly technology integration and superior customer service, the public transit world is evolving quickly. Genfare Link is here to evolve with you.