Fast Fare is one of our most popular advanced options in our onboard farebox lineup. Transit agencies and riders alike appreciate that the Fast Fare merges the latest payment technologies with the option for traditional fares, like bills and change. The slim and sleek design features a minimal footprint with maximum flexibility and functionality.

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Genfare Fast Fare

Perfect for transition

The Fast Fare integrates with legacy systems encompassing fare media, data tracking, reporting, and security. The compatibility with other Genfare models allows for mixed fleets. This enables agencies to slowly and more cost-effectively transition their systems. Riders also appreciate the retention of traditional features to make the upgraded payment and validation options easier to learn. Many agencies make multi-year plans to follow up the Fast Fare with the future introduction of the Fast Fare-E.

Improved memory & data transmission

This onboard farebox model boasts more memory than ever before for mass data collection on events and transactions. This increased memory also opens up the possibility of storing additional tracking data in the future that can help maximize route efficiency. Wireless and Wi-Fi enabled data transfer allow seamless data importing for faster reporting.

Genfare Fast Fare
Genfare Fast Fare

Widest variety of fare media

In addition to traditional bills, coins, and tokens, the Fast Fare accepts smart cards, magnetics, and barcodes. This allows riders the option of account-linked tags, key chains, fobs, and stickers. With mobile ticketing via Genfare’s Mobile Link program, smartwatches and smartphones can display ticket information for scanning. Magnetic cards, such as those common in university systems, can also be used for period passes.

The Fast Fare can even dispense magnetic tickets as change to ensure funds stay within the transit system while speeding up the transaction process.

Clear interface

Though the Fast Fare can accept many types of fares, it is still intuitive and simple to use. Riders can easily tell where to input their preferred fare method thanks to the lighted interface with full color display. Audio messages in multiple languages can help prompt riders and let them know when their transaction is complete.


The Fast Fare is constructed with stainless steel for ultimate durability and security. Genfare engineers put an emphasis on maintenance when designing this onboard farebox—there are no special tools required. The entire system is built on a module design, allowing parts to be easily repaired and/or replaced for minimal downtime.


Fast Fare employs several advanced security features in addition to the overall durability of the farebox itself. Infrared probing ensures the cashbox can only be accessed in a surveilled area. The enhanced cashbox tracking system does not require batteries, ensuring the location of the box is always accessible.

Genfare Fast Fare