The Fast Fare-e builds off the renowned success of Genfare’s Fast Fare, which revolutionized the transit industry by integrating traditional and modern fare collection. Taking it one step further into the future, Fast Fare-E eliminates the need for cash, coin, and tokens. With our smallest footprint to date, the Fast Fare-E is the ideal picture of cutting edge technology.

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Genfare Fast Fare-e

Accepts state-of-the-art fare media

Mobile payments, smart cards, barcodes and magnetics are all available on the Fast Fare-E. Riders can scan QR codes on paper or mobile screens, swipe cards, and even validate with touch cards.

Integrates with legacy systems

The Fast Fare-E can be used alongside other Genfare fareboxes, allowing transit agencies to gradually transition their fleets. The Fast Fare-E is often deployed after the Fast Fare, giving time for riders to adapt to the new technology before eliminating the complications of physical cash fares.

As the most modern onboard farebox in our lineup, the Fast Fare-E is also future-proof. Its software-driven design is easily upgraded to keep up with the latest ticketing, payment, and validation technologies.

Lower operating costs

Because the Fast Fare-E foregoes the collection of physical media, there is no need for employees to collect, transport, and unload cash boxes. The electronic fares also eliminate the need for cash counting by accounting personnel. This, along with the low maintenance costs due to non-moving parts, helps keep the overall operating cost of each farebox low.

Genfare Fast Fare-E
Genfare Fast Fare-E

Faster onboarding time

Busy routes benefit greatly from the rapid validation of electronic media versus bills and coins. This helps routes run more efficiently with better on-time rates and increased rider satisfaction.

Smallest footprint

This compact unit can be mounted on a pole or wall and is less than a foot tall and just over 6” wide. This makes the Fast Fare-E a good choice for smaller vehicles, like paratransit buses and vans.

Bright, modern display

The full color, 5.7” VGA display uses two-button input to make payments and ticket validations easier than ever before. Voice and tone prompts make the display even more intuitive.


Though many security concerns are eliminated with the abandonment of cash fares, Fast Fare-E still anticipates and thwarts attempts to defraud the system. Our anti-passback features use wireless communication to assure the same device’s validation code is not swiped multiple times. This also opens up the possibility for validation on secondary boarding doors since drivers need not monitor every transaction.