More than ever before, consumers like to take control of their purchases using their own devices. Genfare’s e-Fare software allows online purchases of reloadable smartcards from a mobile or computer-based browser at any time. In addition to providing this modern and increasingly expected convenience, e-Fare provides benefits for the transit agency by reducing lines for retail purchases and freeing up time for staff to attend to other important tasks.

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Genfare E-Fare Offboard Farebox
Genfare E-Fare Offboard Farebox

Rider Control

The e-Fare system allows riders to purchase their own tickets from a computer, tablet, or smartphone using any web browser. Our secure account-based system makes it easy to order new smartcards, reload fares on an existing smartcard, or set up auto-payments for regular replenishment. However, a log-in is not required to complete transactions—guest check-outs can also be completed without the need to create an account. This is a perfect option for one-off travelers or those looking to experiment with modern fare technology.

Integrates with Fast Fare

The fare media purchased with e-Fare is compatible with any of our onboard fareboxes that include a smartcard reader, such as our popular Fast Fare and Fast Fare-e.

Speeds Lines

Every rider choosing to purchase tickets with e-Fare is one less rider standing in line for one-on-one clerk assistance. E-Fare also speeds up boarding time by allowing riders to use smartcards rather than cash with the onboard farebox.

Riders can receive their e-Fare smartcard in several ways. One way is by mail from the central office to their chosen shipping address. The smartcard can also be picked up from ticket vending machines or the local transit office or retail location.

Simple Software Integration

Our e-Fare purchasing software is designed to be easy to launch on pre-existing websites. Alternatively, some transit agencies choose to create an entirely new website for e-Fare processing. Either way, the seamless transition prevents downtime and gets the new software launched as soon as possible.

Advanced Technology Benefits

IT departments especially appreciate our e-Fare software technology. With scalable architecture and an emphasis on security, e-Fare has guaranteed uptime. Our secure PCI certified payment process keeps riders’ credit card information secure, as it is never stored with the transit agency.

Genfare E-Fare Offboard Farebox

Improved Cashflow

The e-Fare system processes receipts on a daily basis, improving cash flow and providing more accurate, up-to-date accounting data. This data is also able to provide a wealth of vital information for custom reports on sales, ridership data, and operations.

Additionally, the option for riders to enroll in monthly auto-replenishment improves rider loyalty and provides regular income for the agency. Large organizations can even bulk purchase smartcards online for groups for events like conferences.