Genfare’s DUALPORT vaults are the ideal solution for safely transporting and consolidating cash revenue from multiple fareboxes. Our vaults have several uniquely engineered features designed to make the cash-counting process more secure than ever.

The DUALPORT vault’s interlock system ensures the cash remains untouched from the point of collection to the point of accounting. The vault receives the cashbox and, once secured inside, unlocks it and empties the contents into the vault. Within 15 seconds, the coins and bills are sorted and locked in separate bins at the bottom of the vault. The vault then closes and locks the cashbox before allowing it to be taken back out. The entire cash transfer process takes place within the locked vault.

Genfare’s DUALPORT vaults can be installed into walls for added security, with the cashbox receiver facing outside and the vault doors accessible only within a locked office.

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Genfare DUALPORT vaults

Mobile and Stationary Options

Every transit agency has different needs when it comes to collecting and counting cash revenue. Our mobile and stationary DUALPORT vault options can be used alone or together to provide the most secure and cost-effective accounting solution.

Modular Construction

Genfare specializes in creating modular products. This allows for simple repairs of individual parts and cost-effective upgrades when new capabilities are launched. The DUALPORT vault is one of the easiest vaults to repair thanks to its modular construction.

Heavy-Duty Construction

DUALPORT vaults are made of reinforced carbon steel for maximum durability. The vaults are resistant to damage from weather, oil, and diesel and are unaffected by electromagnetic interference. DUALPORT vaults are also fully mechanical, without the sensitivities and potential outages of electrical equipment.

Genfare DUALPORT vaults
Genfare DUALPORT vaults

Security Protocols

Genfare’s DUALPORT vaults utilize a unique combination of physical inputs to unlock. This complex sequences of events is known only to accounting personnel and must be input in the correct order. An optional surveillance requirement can ensure the cashboxes are only opened under video surveillance.

Other optional security add-ons include high decibel alarms, electronic monitoring, and a trackable cashbox and bin ID system.

Full Line Compatibility

DUALPORT vaults are compatible with all Genfare products, including onboard and offboard fareboxes such as the CENTSaBILL and Transview as well as the more advanced Odyssey and Fast Fare.