Genfare Link is a comprehensive digital fare management platform. Our unique system combines our state-of-the-art software with our proven hardware engineering to create the ultimate twenty-first century solution to modern transit problems. With over 30 years in the public transit industry, Genfare is the most experienced industry provider targeting issues of efficiency, rider acquisition and retention, and actionable data for planning short- and long-term changes.

Multiple Payment Options

With Genfare Link’s software, fare purchases become account-based. Both employees and riders can buy a ticket, add fare, replace a card, or check card balance. One of the key features of Genfare Link’s system is the ability to set up automatic fare replenishment. Riders enjoy the convenience and worry-free approach, while transit agencies benefit from the regular cash flow.

Our comprehensive system covers nearly every form of possible payment, with the “future-proof” option to expand to future payment technologies, all in one seamless, easy-to-use system. Aside from our popular Mobile Link, which allows riders to manage their own fare accounts from a smartphone or browser-enabled device, Genfare Link is also able to provide ticket vending machines and retail POS systems.

Genfare Link enables transit agencies to accept many forms of payment outside of the traditional cash payments or attended ticket booth. Our fare solutions include:

  • Reloadable fare cards
  • Period passes
  • Smart cards in the form of fobs, key chains, stickers, and other convenient, reusable media
  • Magnetics
  • Bills and coins
  • Custom tokens
  • Credit cards
  • Mobile payment

High-Tech Backend

Genfare Link provides managers with the tools they need to make better decisions by adding the ability to track and analyze data. Our hardware and software integrate seamlessly to track rider and transaction information. With this powerful data on hand, agencies can use analytic software to automatically detect important trends and potential pitfalls.

Other key modules provided by Genfare Link include:

  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Fare management
  • Advanced admin tools

Variety of Fareboxes

The secret to Genfare’s transit solution is the perfectly engineered integration of our hardware and software options. Though Genfare Link encompasses mostly the software side of the solution, our onboard and offboard fareboxes and vaults are a key to maximizing Genfare Link’s functionality.

From our traditional cash-based fareboxes to the ultramodern Fast Fare-E, Genfare has the perfect onboard farebox solution for every agency. Our clients often prefer to slowly transition into utilizing the eFare and Mobile Link components of Genfare Link. This can be accomplished, either by gradually adding our most modern, cashless fareboxes across the fleet or by introducing middle-level technology that adds these new capabilities while retaining cash fares to help riders adapt to their new options.

All of our fareboxes are constructed with security in mind. Cash-receiving fareboxes are made of durable stainless steel, while our more advanced fareboxes that accept only electronic fares feature technology such as anti-passback protection. Our cashboxes feature tracking IDs and the option to require surveillance to open. Combined with our exceptionally secure, no-touch system of portable and stationary vaults, Genfare makes it easier than ever to securely process fares.