At Genfare, we believe in providing support for the lifetime of your transit system experience. With projects as complex as modern transit solutions, which necessitate many moving parts, the customer experience must thoroughly cover every aspect of design, implementation, and maintenance.

We provide custom transit solution guidance from the very beginning. Our product is not simply an off-the-shelf purchase that is installed by the client. We guide every vital decision and design, install, and test every aspect of your new system. Our customer relationship continues throughout the years to provide every tool you need to have a successful transit system.

The Genfare guidance experience ensures your customer service is superior with clear expectations of account maintenance and the industry’s leading warranty and post-installation service.

Account Management

We make it our mission to provide clarity for our customers with our Genfare account maintenance protocols. At every step, your account is maintained by a single contact point, which varies based on the stage of your implementation. This allows quick access to the right experts and managers who can provide the guidance you need through each phase of the transit solution. From your initial contact with your Genfare sales representative to your close communication with your assigned Project Manager, we make it easy to get your questions and concerns answered at any point in time.

Once your transit solution is fully implemented, you’ll continue to receive support for repairs, returns, technical issues, maintenance, training, and more. Each area is easily accessible through dedicated lines of communication to get your concerns to the correct expert directly.

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All of our Genfare hardware, software, and installation comes under warranty with full repair or replacement coverage. Our Genfare warranty is among the best in the industry with a simplified and quick process for claims. Our warranty coverage comes with a quick turn-around time to get you back in service as soon as possible.

We also offer extensive support after the warranty period expires. With our Service Contracts and Project Based Support, our clients are never left to face an issue alone. Our Service Contract provides expert assistance based on an flat annual fee with benefits including expedited service, free system updates, and 24-hour response times once a support ticket is opened. Optional 24/7/365 support gives you the peace of mind that your issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Our Project Based support allows clients to submit requests and receive an estimate before beginning work.

As part of our transit solution guidance, we provide information on updates and upgrades as well as end of life sunset announcements to help keep your account current.

We review our Genfare Guidance policies regularly based on surveys and customer feedback to ensure we are offering the best service to suit your needs.

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