We’re listening. And it’s transforming our approach to customer care.

Genfare created a new Customer Care team by combining our System Support Team with our Customer Service Team and Training to ensure clients reach the right team with a single call.

Our customers are the cornerstone of our business and we care about the health and well-being of each solution. Fare collection systems have a lot of moving parts. Keeping them running smoothly requires a non-stop commitment on our part to back up our transit agency partners and the riders they serve—ensuring peace of mind for the road ahead.

Ticketing System

We launched a new ticketing system within System Support to track each service request and support issue to ensure they have proper visibility through close out. Each call is assigned a ticket number and then directed to one of our support team members to resolve. If you have any questions about the ticket, you can call our support number at 847.871.1231 or email genfare.customercare@spx.com and we will provide an update.

Surveys and User Groups

Genfare kicked off the year with a client survey designed to better understand how our clients view our level of service and support. We received a wide range of valuable feedback and have taken some critical steps to address the issues. This is why you now see Customer Updates, Service Contracts and Training as a part of the Customer Care page. We are listening and taking action on your comments and feedback.

At this year’s APTA Fare Collection and ITT Conference in San Diego, there was a Genfare User Group formed from what started as a round table discussion. This group created a detailed list of items they were looking to learn more about. We will be meeting with this group in July to answer the questions they posed to our organization.

Moving forward, Genfare is creating an ongoing Users Group at each APTA conference to ensure there is an open forum for communication with our fare collection system users. The feedback and communication work to better serve our clients.

Customer Updates

Looking for product and service updates? The new Customer Updates page was designed to list everything from end of service notices to sun setting of products.

Return Authorization

Need to return or replace a spare part of piece of equipment? Contact our customer service team to issue a return authorization (RMA). All returns require an RMA before they are sent back to Genfare.

Service Contracts

Pick up where your warranty left off! Service and support has never been more important to maintaining a well-run fare collection system. Learn more about our service offering.


Our new training page provides a complete overview of the courses we provide to help you get the most from your fare collection system. From webinars and Genfare based training to onsite training programs Genfare has a program to fit your needs.