Genfare’s Implementation Consistency

While each city has its own unique transit needs, the process of transit solution implementation must be consistent across all of our projects to avoid costly oversights and delays. By having a proven method of multiphase launch, Genfare has “‘written the book” on transit project implementation consistency.

Implementation Process

Our implementation process is well-defined and streamlined, and it all begins with communication. From the first kickoff meeting to on-site and Genfare-based internal meetings, a set list of objectives is reviewed for every meeting to exchange information, share updates, monitor progress, anticipate problems, devise solutions, and update the city client as needed. With regular meetings and updates scheduled well in advance, it is clear and easy to understand what information to expect and when. By following the same general phases of project development for every client, our team is able to deliver a consistent and efficient implementation experience.

Preventing Common Issues

Another aspect of our transit project implementation consistency is the sustained effort to avoid common issues that may be costly, both in time and money. Our design review sequence ensures potential problems are caught early on before additional phases are started. Genfare’s internal testing looks out for problems we’ve seen before as well as unique circumstances which each city project presents. Thanks to our robust testing and regularly scheduled design reviews, Genfare’s quality and user testing professionals can detect and resolve “bugs” before each phase rolls out, saving the city client the headache of ever being aware of an issue.

Once the implementation process is complete and your Genfare transit solution is fully in action, your consistency experience is continued with warranty services, hosting services, software support, on-call tech support, spare parts, and performance measurements.

Dedicated Team

Each client receives a Project Manager, a Field Project Manager, and a Lead Engineer who work together exclusively on one city’s project at a time. We strive to keep this trio together across different projects to maintain consistency and improve efficiency. We find these teams grow to be tight-knit and can communicate and problem-solve more effectively if they are not swapping out new partners between projects.

ISO 9001 Certified

As evidence of our commitment to consistency, Genfare is ISO 9001-certified, indicating our compliance with rigorous international quality assurance standards. These guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization are aimed at helping companies like Genfare deploy quality assurance systems for design, development, production, installation, testing, inspection, and repair of products. Our ISO 9001 certification, the highest standard in its category, is issued to Genfare after periodic compliance audits to assure we not only have written quality assurance guidelines but that we “do as we say.”

Tested & Proven Solutions

We have tested and proven recommendations for other reliable contractors for services such as cloud storage, payment processing, installation, geotagging hardware, and other key functionalities. Ensuring all of these parts work seamlessly is key to implementation success, so we already have the recipe figured out. There’s no need to wonder whether your current payment processor is integrative or to worry about where to find sufficient and reasonably priced cloud storage. Our teams have seen various vendors in action and can confidently recommend consistently reliable third party servicers, like Amazon Web Services.