Bus Farebox Supplier – Genfare

Genfare has provided modern transit solutions for over 30 years, and with the advent of smartphones and mobile internet, the transit landscape has changed rapidly. Transit agencies must invest in the present and future expectations of its bus riders lest they fall behind competitor options like ride-share programs, ride-hail services, and even self-driving cars.

The Odyssey farebox is an all-in-one solution for any transit system

Variety of Farebox Solutions

Whether your agency is responsible for one bus or one thousand, Genfare has an ideal farebox solution for you. Our traditional cash-only onboard fareboxes, like the Pacemaker or the Transivew, provide a simple replacement for degrading equipment or low-volume bus routes. Our comprehensive onboard fareboxes, like the Odyssey Plus and Fastfare, accept both cash and electronic payments, like smartcards and magnetics. These middle ground fareboxes allow riders to gradually acclimate to more modern fare payments and media.

Our ultra-modern onboard fareboxes, including the Fast Fare-e and Cardquest, take it a step further by eliminating cash fares altogether. These fareboxes can validate electronic fare media as well as scan QR codes from mobile devices, making them ideal for small footprints, lower maintenance needs, and tech-savvy rider demographics.

Genfare also offers a variety of offboard fareboxes, including an advanced administrative POS, a simple-to-use retail POS, and two vending machines.


State-of-the-Art Digital Transit Solutions

Genfare does more than physical fareboxes. Our software is a key part of our all-inclusive transit solution. Our team of expert software engineers and security specialists ensure our digital transit management programs are fast, secure, and reliable.

With Genfare Link and Mobile Link, Genfare has brought the transit industry into the future. We have not only answered the current demands for robust reporting, multiple payment options, and mobile ticketing—we have also anticipated the needs of transit systems going forward with upgradable software.

Digital Fare Collection

More Rider Control

Today’s transit riders take advantage of technology in every area of their life. Consumers are well-adapted to using smartphones or web browsers to complete tasks independently. That’s why we launched Mobile Link as a mobile ticketing solution. Meeting this public demand for rider fare control improves customer satisfaction and increases ridership while also reducing fare purchase lines and the workload on staff.

Mobile App

Unparalleled Customer Service

From your first consultation with our expert Genfare representatives to your years of ongoing support, Genfare makes customer service a top priority. Every transit agency receives a thorough proposal with an assigned project manager to help design and implement a custom transit solution from beginning to end. Available on-site training and 24/7/365 support keep your Genfare system up and running for decades to come.