Genfare Link is the industry’s leading solution for digital fare collection management. Our comprehensive system covers every aspect of collecting and managing fares from beginning to end, with the bonus of robust reporting and secure processing. Our business approach to fare management ensures riders are happier with their experiences while agencies focus on efficiency and bottom line revenue.

The benefits of Genfare Link greatly improve the fare collection process, the load on transit employees, and advanced analytics.

Modern Fare Collection

Riders aren’t the only ones who benefit from modernized fare payment. While the ability to pay and board with nothing more than a smartphone is a big draw for riders, the technology-based fare collection is of benefit for transit agencies, too.

Genfare Link allows agencies to simplify fare structure updates, providing flexibility with programs, such as discounts and promotional codes. These can be instituted for certain demographics or during particular hours or events. The ability for riders to manage their own fares through the customer-facing Mobile Link and eFare also shortens lines at manned ticket offices.

By providing better service, more options, and shorter waits, Genfare Link gives transit agencies the opportunity to retain more riders while attracting new ones.

Real-Time Analytics

With in-depth reporting based on up-to-the-minute data, Genfare Link allows agencies to make smarter decisions on current and future plans. Our data collection can help detect trends and problems with the profound opportunity to take immediate action or make comprehensive long-term plans.

With Genfare Link, agencies can:

  • Collate and analyze information on rider activities, route efficiency, maintenance needs and scheduling, and more
  • Observe trends affecting ridership numbers, including patterns based on peak/off-peak hours, local events, seasonal trends, holidays, etc.
  • Monitor real-time traffic and route delays with the ability to make changes to fleets and schedules.
  • Send push notifications to riders to minimize dwell time and increase customer satisfaction

With accurate, real-time reporting, agencies can add or adjust routes on the fly. More advanced issues may also appear that indicate the need for a long-term strategy guided by the statistical insights.

Genfare Link is integrated with our onboard fareboxes to allow wireless and Wi-Fi enabled data transmission.

Reduced Employee Load

Genfare Link, like many technologies, makes necessary tasks much more efficient. Employees in customer service, accounting, IT, maintenance, and management will all experience increased productivity.

Our software and hardware systems are designed to be easy to maintain for both IT and farebox maintenance personnel. Electronic fare media, including integration with Genfare Mobile Link, allows customer service employees to process fewer transactions, freeing them up for more attentive service and other important tasks. Reporting combined with analysis programs take the time-intensive guesswork out of management decisions and proposals.

Increased Revenue

Most of all, the potential service improvements made possible by Genfare Link produce happier customers who are eager to become repeat users. The overall efficiency improvements can also help cut costs, leading to better financial stability for transit agencies.

Genfare Link reduces employee load while increasing revenue