When it comes to offboard fareboxes, an advanced point-of-sale system is key to balancing customer service with back-end functions. Genfare’s Administrative POS offers several important features to help transit agencies serve customers, track media, and run reports.

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Genfare Admin POS

Issue and Reload Fare Media

The Admin POS can issue both magnetics and smartcards for traditional swiping validation or more modern contactless validation. With Genfare’s account-based software, it’s easy to look up remaining balances, query card histories, or simply add funds. The Admin POS can also receive and process auto-loads and track the need to reorder media.

Genfare Admin POS

Ease of Use

With its 17” touchscreen display, the visual layout of the Admin POS makes its menus clear and large. Every task is associated with a clear button, including the ability to issue refunds and credits as well as complete administrative tasks. The logical progression of selections makes the Admin POS quick to learn.

Administrative Functions

Part of what makes the Admin POS different from the Retail-POS is the ability to run reports. These reports provide invaluable data to identify inefficiencies and improve the customer experience. The Admin POS can also hotlist fare media.

Modular Setup

Every transit agency has unique needs—that’s why we engineer our fareboxes to be modular for a practically custom build.

With the Genfare Admin POS, you can choose to include multiple components, such as a separate customer facing display, cash drawer, smart card encoder, mouse, and keyboard. The built-in receipt printer keeps the system in a smaller footprint.

The Admin POS is also available with uninterruptible power supply or portable power supply, allowing agencies to serve customers anytime, anywhere. This portability can increase ridership during special events or speed up lines with multiple systems.

Genfare Admin POS